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Thread: several problems, need several solutions, and several opinions

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    several problems, need several solutions, and several opinions

    i have scoured the internet for media center solutions, and for one must i say that gbpvr is the best solution with the most portability and performance i have seen. well with that being out of the way, i need to address the issues i have run into to make it perfect. Some of these problems are with the player itself and others are with the plugins so i wasnt sure where exactly i should post this. mod's please move if necessary as i am new to this forum.

    First, i am running into subtitle problems. after enabling 3 different subtitle options and getting the subtitles to show on mkv files, i am having extreme difficulty getting it to work on ogm files. apart from mplayer being choppy at times, vlc seems to run files over my network fine. is there a way to enable vlc as the default player and not mplayer? and if this is the case will the in-video subtitle options work the same? (right click drop down to subtitles etc.) i am curious as to how this would work and i would assume it can be done, but after searching for 20 minutes in the forums with strings as "vlc player" and "external player" i didnt really find anything useful.

    second, i have movie wizard plug in installed and it wont show the cover art no matter how hard i try to get it to work. (i use the dvd ripper plugin to rip the dvd)

    third, the weather plug in does not want to keep my location setting after reboot. this is a real hassle as it defaults to somewhere in new zealand.

    fourth, net radio doesnt download the streams, it keeps on attempting to connect and buffer but never fully connects making me believe there is an issue with addresses, even though it auto downloads the lists perfectly.

    fifth, cinema listings does not work. it instructs you to go to the website and get a 5 digit code, after searching for your local cinema. well after searching for my local cinema no 5 digit code is to be found. this is frustrating as seeing i would suggest having it search through area code and showing various cinemas with different showing times as opposed to just one. but still even finding a 5 character string in the html browser, it still did not load correctly using fandango's site. so no cinema sites for me

    sixth, i have a gyration remote and keyboard. it works fine and some buttons work as it is a wmce compatible remote. but i notice some do not. i am wondering if there has been issues with this model in particular or not.

    lastly, game zone is not working for me. it can not find any of my mame roms even though it shows mame as being installed correctly. i set the roms path in two different menus in the plugins settings and still will not find my roms. so no roms for me either (on a completely unrelated note i am trying to find a way to get the xbox360 controller to work with mame, dunno how nicely those 2 will play with each other so any input is appreciated).

    I also want to find a way to be able to rip a dvd and have it show cover art as the icon for it, similar to the way movie wizard is configured. the only problem i have with that is, is that it doesnt download the cover art from a website or anything like that automatically. my friend is stuck using windows media center just for this fact alone but is upset that his computer crashes because of wmce memory leaks (yikes!), so if i can find a practical way to get this working for him, his media center would definitely start using this software.

    I must say though that i really do like this project and support it to its fullest. this set up has the most potential out of all the ones i have seen and i can tell it is largely made up by the community that helps out with it. its efficient, easy to install and setup, and has many possibilities with its plugins. it still lacks polish if you ask me and needs an optional visual UI similar to linux mce. linux mce has the best UI, but setting one up is an all or nothing thing. either you have that box be everything (router, firewall, voip, MCE, Personal slave) or it wont work. and with the flexibility that this program has i would imagine that a similar UI would not be too difficult to code. I cant tell you how many media centers softwares out there that do not support network browsing which is a pain for me. and the other ones out there are too system intensive and have unnecessary system requirements. just keep it up guys, and help me fix these problems so i can start making more media centers for friends.

    when i start my new job i want to donate some cash to help out if i can.

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    Sorry for all your troubles..... But for best response especially for the plugin issues, you might want to post in the individual plugin support forums. Then their respective developers can give you their full attention.
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    As I can see this thread getting very long I've taken the liberty to move the Cinema Listings plugin discussion to it's own support thread (post #7).

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    1) I'm pretty sure gbpvr itself won't use vlc, but the moviewiz plugin allows you to specify a default player for various filetypes. IMO as gbpvr is a PVR rather than strictly a media player I try and stick to recording and playing back it's core file formats (mpg in my case) . Obscure file formats, downloads etc that wmp doesn't handle natively are always going to require some kind of work around.
    Read the wiki on subtitles if you havent already. That taught me all I knew about getting them to work in GBPVR. Again there are some foramts that are more likely to work and some I guess that wont.

    2, 3+4) sorry cant help

    5) you need to decode the url. this is the link for the duke of york picture house in brighton
    the code you need for the cinelma plug in is dukyor1 (ie the bit after venueid=)
    Pretty easy to figure out your own ones once you know where to look.

    6) Did you 'buld rom database' in the plugin settings?

    7) yes xbox controller works brilliantly. you may need the following apps to configure the keys for different emus tho. XBCD and joytokey

    8) get a job and send cash
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    wrt the netradio issue: you might want to try running reregisterfilters.bat. I know some time ago that helped.

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    In addition to what others have said before:
    1) do look at the general guidelines for posting support questions. There are many specialists around here who can interpret the logfiles quite well.
    2) As a general advice try to debug a plugin one at a time. Disable (pr somtimes uninstall) the others.

    PS: Many tornados this year in UC? I lived there in the mid 70's, so I saw a few passing.

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