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Thread: Best video codec for EVR under XP?

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    Best video codec for EVR under XP?

    I'm using NVidia Purevideo on VMR9 FSE at the moment, but it gives problems with DVD navigation on EVR under XP.

    What do people think is the best video codec for EVR under XP (not Vista), for the smoothest playback on an NVidia card (7300GT DDR3)?

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    dunno about evr but
    i used swear by pure video
    but now im using power dvd7
    tried power dvd 8 but had no osd
    also use graph edit and see what decoders etc are actually been used
    then use gspot to unregister and priority of decoders seemed to make a big difference in getting what i wanted

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    i use avivo..[and it WILL work on nvidia cards]
    but iirc the evr renderer and dvd's are kinda tempramental under xp...there were some patches for evr+dvd specifically...make sure you have those first..
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    I had trouble with either Purevideo or PowerDVD decoders on DVDs with EVR on XP. (Even with the DVD patch.) EVR is indeed smooth on recordings, however. I finally went back to DirectX 9.0b and VMR9 Custom with Purevideo; best combination of picture quality and features (aspect ratios) on my system.
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    I am unable to get navigate DVD correctly with PDVD 8. I use PDVD8 for tele and then use MPV decoder for DVD.
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