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Thread: Hardware minimums to get GBPVR running

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    Hardware minimums to get GBPVR running

    I'm back to newbism. I have GBPVR running on a P4 2.4 shuttle box with 2 gb ram, PVR-150, 200GB HD and Media MVP on version 0.84 (if I recall correctly, been almost a year since it's been booted).

    These days, what are the minimum hardware requirements and pieces needed to get GBPVR running on a box and output to a TV. What's a pretty common configuration? Is a media mvp still required and/or what are the alternatives? Will my current configuration still run GBPVR?

    Thanks everyone in advance for your replies.

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    Your current hardware should be adequate. I havnt widely tested on-board video devices though, so that would be the only question mark. You'd have to try it and see.

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    I've got an all-in-one MB with a p4 1.7ghz & intel video from a gateway pc.
    I've used it in client mode with a monitor.
    It's a litt slow to load up the EPG when I start it upm but after that it pulled off live SD Tv without any problems.
    Responce time was a little sluggish sometimes though.

    It didn't have enough power to do any mpeg2 post processing.

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