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    Virgin Plus

    After being in the UK for a number of years I have never had sky plus or Virgin Plus. My PVR with GBPVR was set up to record TV from free view. It is great, I can record 3 programs at once.

    I recently got Virgin Plus, was a bit sad to say goodbye to the recording feature of GBPVR, of course I'll still use it for AVI's.

    I thought, great, commercial product, this is going to be more robust that GBPVR, no updates, nothing required. How wrong I was, it has crashed twice on me now while watching recorded TV. The fast forward/rewind feature is crap, x2, x3, x6, x16, etc. Takes a while to fast forward the ads quickly. GBPVR is so much better! never crashes, does everything no problem.

    Has anyone had these issues with Virgin Plus? Is the user interface when watching recordings as difficult as I think?
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    I am sure that you can use GBPVR with DVB-C and I am pretty sure that other people are using GBPVR with virgin.
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