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Thread: Note to comcast users

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    Note to comcast users

    Yesterday I had several listings disappear from my lineup - the channels were there, but showed "No Show Details" for over half of them.

    I worked the issue with Schedule Direct (sub helped me find the problem w/ the xml file), and the information I received back was that Comcast in my area is changing it's lineups on 4/12 (sure enough, I got the memo today) and Tribune Media Services (provides data to SD), has a known bug where it only includes channels in your lineup that have listing data through the end date requested. Since I have GBPVR request 12 days, that puts me past the date when the lineups are shifted.

    The workaround is to only request up to the date the change goes into effect & then fix it when the change happens (you'll have to mess with things then anyway).

    Long story short, if your listings disappear suddenly and you've made no changes to your setup, check with your provider & see if a lineup change is coming up soon.
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    Gratzi (Thanks) I'm in PA, and use Comcast, so this might hit me. I'll keep an eye out. BTW, what channels are changing?
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