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    Question No mute control

    Well I have been playing with this program for a couple of days no and I think I have most of the bugs worked out. I made several changes (can't exactly remember what) regarding the decoders. My volume worked and mute also worked and no it doesn't. Even the key board mute isn't working. Although this isn't an big issue I would like to mute the tv if need be. I just discovered that mute does work in PVRX2 but not in GBPVR. I would use PVRX2 but that guide data is somewhat scrambled. Does any one have any ideas?

    I have tired several different decoders and actually deleted a couple.

    Also I am having trouble with the FM radio. I tune it to my local channels and there not right. For example. 102.5. It says 102.5 but it's not 102.5. Any ideas?

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