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Thread: DirecTV D12-100 receiver

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    DirecTV D12-100 receiver

    Well I just made the jump back to Satellite this weekend. I was so ready. Comcast being the poor reception provider that it is. So, I'm all giddy Friday and accumulate the needed parts to build my serial to phone plug channel changer cable. I've got the utility downloaded from Wiki also.
    The AeroSat guy can't come out Saturday as there's tornados all around us in Woodstock, Ga. He came out Sunday, SWEET!
    Got a problem though. The receivers he installed are D12-100. They don't have the home control port on the back. They have an USB port.
    Does anyone know of a way to control the box via the USB port? I can't find it online yet, if there is.
    If not, will the Hauppauge blaster config "learn" the keypad commands from the DirecTV remote? Anyone had success with this?



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    You can still use the same methods to control the new box's with usb, just like the old ones, all you need is the correct usb to serial cable.


    "The DirecTV D11/H20 Satellite STB
    The DirecTV D11/H20 Satellite set top box contains a USB port that can be used as a serial port to change channels and perform other tasks on the box. To do this, you need the following cables:

    USB->Serial Adapter (usb male to 9 male).
    IOGEAR GUC232A, ATEN UC-232A (pl2303), BAFO BF-810, QVS UR-2000M2, Sabrent SBT-USC1M and other PL2303 based adapters are known working. Succesfully tested with:
    13in Port Authority USB Serial DB9 Adapter Cable
    On July 06, 2007 it was reported that EMTC is no longer shipping Linux compatible (PL2303) cables. Previously, they were a good and inexpensive supplier, but the replacement cables are not compatible. DO NOT BUY THESE
    Other cables/adapters are unknown (use at your own risk).
    9-pin Null-Modem Adapter (9 female to 9 female)
    9 pin serial cable. (9 female to 9 male)
    The end result of this is a null modem serial connection between computers. I assume that using two USB->Serial adapters would also work, (see note below) given that the Null Modem adapter was still used. "

    Ans another source of good info that says the d12 box works as well in the same manner

    It sounds like the majority of the boxes with usb have to hard reset off all the way off to recognize the usb to serial converter so keep that in mind

    you should be able to use this channel changing exe
    using the commands for the d10 box

    there are other channel change control software out there as well
    just have to search
    If you have any other question I can try to help as much as possible
    Good luck
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    Let me know how you get on with this.... I've been trying to find the time to get this going on my D11 box. For the short-term, I've just been using the Autotune option on the DirecTV receiver.

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    Heres another link for a cable for the new Directv boxes. Still on SDtv here and made my own serial cable but the new boxes require a different cable.

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    Follow up question about null modem

    I see that the null modem adapter needs RTS/CTS crossed (pins 7 & 8) as well as RX/TX (pins 2 & 3), then the SG (Signal Ground pin 5) connected. Radio shack doesn't know what their null modem adapter is. Frys doesn't have a 9pin null modem. Any other thoughts of who might have this adapter in a brick and mortar store? I guess I could buy a regular cable and cut it up but gee.....

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    Well, I tried making a null modem cable, purchasing a gender changer and usb to serial cable. Messed with the crossing of pins, etc. to no avail.
    I ripped out all of the hauppauge sw and drivers for my 1600 and 150.
    Reinstalled with just the 150 and the blaster works with DirecTV code set 125.
    I wish I could've figured it out for the backend control but somehow I blew the machine up during the process. Luckily, booting with the Windows CD and running fixboot corrected that problem. Maybe it was a sign that I shouldn't mess with the back side.

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    Seeking Receivers


    If anyone wants to sell a DirecTV statellite receiver, I will pay best price for models D12-100, R15-100 and R16-100.

    Please contact me.

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