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    If I am using Ultra with TV Listings, do I need to also use XMLTVextras, or can I just use Ultra instead of extras?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jdabling View Post
    If I am using Ultra with TV Listings, do I need to also use XMLTVextras, or can I just use Ultra instead of extras?
    You don't need to use XmltvExtras.

    To understand a little bit better, please read this explanation (if you have questions or need me to reread this, let me know...)

    OK. If you xmltv file has something like this:

    		</audio> should know that GB-PVR does not by default display these tags.

    Ultra will take the tags and add them as Categories. (Currently that's the only place to put them)

    Whether you use Ultra or not, if XmltvExtras is in the PostUpdateEPG.bat then that program will scan the xmltv file AGAIN and then add that extra information into its own database.

    When you look at TV Listings, the plugin uses the GB-PVR Programme Database of course (to display the programme description and sub title etc) but it also refers to its own database, and then displays it's own extra information, in its own fields.

    Further, TVListings/XmltvExtras can take that text like '16:9' or 'HDTV' or 'dolby' and turn that into little graphics. I won't explain that part...

    While I think that TV Listings/XmltvExtra is a great idea, and I try to make them work with Ultra, I don't use TV Listings. I believe strongly in using a program's defaults. If someone uses multiple plugins and skins, then there's room for lots of clashing amongst the third party programs. But don't get scared off. Lot of people are using both Ultra and TV Listings. I would kjust make sure Ultra is working and TV Guide looks good, before I moved on to TV Listings and xmltxextra

    While Ultra and XmltvExtras will work together, and I'll try to keep them compatible, Ultra is really designed to enhance the listings displayed in the default TV Guide. Certainly GB-PVR has some shortcomings, but Ultra is a proactive workaround to the limitations. And there is talk on expanding some of the defaults fields...
    Frank Z

    I used to ask 'why?' Now I just reinstall...
    Author: ZTools: ZProcess, MVPServerChecker; UltraXMLTV Enhancer, Renamer, Manager;

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    Hi Frank

    Im a new GB-PVR user.

    Thanks for this excellent utility. Im having some difficulties with it though, and Im hoping you can lend a hand.

    I have followed all the guidelines on the wiki.
    I havent yet got as far as having Ultra run in updateEPG.bat - Im getting problems running the process manually.

    Im using the default 'Zehd' settings, and pointing to my xmltv.xml file (which GB-PVR works just fine with on its own)

    When running from the manual tab, everything seems to work fine - no errors are displayed.

    - My (77MB) xmltv.xml file is renamed as xmltv.xml.BeforeProcess.xml
    - The new xmltv.xml file is only 1kB in size, with the following content:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1"?>
    <!--This data was reformatted by UltraXMLTV Enhancer v2.0.3505.21771, 2009.
    Written by Frank Zeritsch, aka 'Zehd' from the GB-PVR forums. ( ; portions by William Hurlston.
    If you appreciate this, please click the 'Donate' button, found on the UltraXMLTV Enhancer main screen.  Thank you for choosing UltraXMLTV...  :-)-->
    <!DOCTYPE tv SYSTEM "xmltv.dtd">
    <tv date="2010-02-13" generator-info-name=" and UltraXMLTV Enhancer" />
    and the log file content shows:

    13/02/2010 17:04:52 :1> Creating default settings xml files
    13/02/2010 17:05:22 :1> Registration successful.  Authorizing program.
    13/02/2010 17:05:22 :1> Authorized.
    13/02/2010 17:08:00 :2> 2.0.3505.21771
    13/02/2010 17:08:00 :1> 
    13/02/2010 17:08:00 :1> Loading XMLTV file...
    13/02/2010 17:08:04 :1> Loading Series list...
    13/02/2010 17:08:05 :1> Merging with Downloaded SeriesID file...
    13/02/2010 17:08:12 :1> Done importing Master _SeriesIDs.txt
    13/02/2010 17:08:12 :1> 0 programmes found in file
    13/02/2010 17:08:12 :1> Enhancing...
    13/02/2010 17:08:12 :1> Flushing Log File...
    13/02/2010 17:08:12 :1> Writing File...
    13/02/2010 17:08:12 :1> Complete Parsing XMLTV file.
    13/02/2010 17:08:12 :1> Committed.  Deleting original and moving new in place...
    13/02/2010 17:08:12 :1> Writing out lists...
    13/02/2010 17:08:19 :1> Fetches today 0
    13/02/2010 17:08:19 :1> Failed Fetches today 0
    13/02/2010 17:08:19 :1> New SeriesIDs 0
    13/02/2010 17:08:19 :1> Done in 00:00:19

    Can you offer any guidance?

    Many thanks!

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    Dont worry I've traced the issue to XMLTVGUI putting out some invalid XML.

    This tool from Big Screen EPG processes teh file very quickly and corrects invalid entries.

    Full details here:

    Hope this helps others.

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