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Thread: Comskip help please

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    Comskip help please

    I've just managed to get gbpvr working and I'd like to sort comskip out, but I can't seem to. Can someone please tell me how this works and what I need to do to sort it.

    Thnaks guys

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    Well I personally do not use comskip, have you checked the wiki? Here is a link to the comskip page:

    I use Video ReDo Plus($) to remove the commercials from my shows, I usually just do a weeks worth of shows in one batch job.

    Hope this helps.

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    Download from:

    copy ComSkip.dictionary, ComSkip.ini and ComSkip.exe from there to the gbpvr directory.

    make sure your config looks like this:
    I also check "Run during..."

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