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Thread: Sky Digibox (UK) Help Needed

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    Sky Digibox (UK) Help Needed

    I was using a Compro T200 TV card with GBPVR when I lived in the UK and it all worked fine for receiving digital TV. However I´ve now moved to Spain so I´m now using a Pace Digibox to receive free-to-air channels on my TV.

    Last night I tried to link the Pace Digibox to the TV card using a scart to S-Video lead, and no matter what software I use (even Compro´s own ComproDTV) I cant get a TV picture on the computer screen, although using a scart to scart lead to link the digibox to the TV gives me a great picture. I seem to remember something about using scart to s-video but can´t find the post. Any ideas why it won´t work and what I can do to fix it?

    Also, in GBPVR, how do I set it up to use a different input (i.e. the s-video input) instead of it looking for channels via the cards tuner?

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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    Unfortunately this card doesnt have the required hardware MPEG2 encoder, so GB-PVR is unable to use the analog side of the card. Its only able to be used for DVB-T.

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