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Thread: Photo library Slideshow - API?

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    Photo library Slideshow - API?

    Is there an API for startinga photo slide show?

    If not, could we have it in some way, maybe start slideshow on a predefined directory name, or start slideshow(directory).

    I just thought I would be nice to be able to call a photo slideshow from my musiclibrary after a certain amount of time...
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    No, there isnt any API for this. There is part of the Photo Library that does it, but it's just a function local to that screen.

    I cant promise it'll be in the next release, but I'll look into adding this feature.

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    I second this idea. This is somthing that plasma owner would like or need to have to avoid burn-in of the screen.
    I have "collected" nice images of paintings from impressionist painters that have been dead for at least 70 years, so there is no copyright protections for them.
    I will make an install package of the (some day) to a default location that will be .\media\ScreenSaverArt\ (this can be a directory with a placeholder)
    Perhaps the Photo Library can have a "Favorite" function (like NetRadio) that will copy images to this directory.

    I will put the painting images on the hyperlinkx wiki.
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