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Thread: 2 x PX-TV402U Audio problems with simultanious recording.

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    2 x PX-TV402U Audio problems with simultanious recording.

    I know that The 402u isn't the greatest, but once upon a time I liked the one I had enough to buy a second one.

    Now with 2 of them and the death of Zap2it, I can no longer use them with SageTV 2.8 which seemed to me to have the best support for those cards. The 2 worked flawlessly for 3 years, but now I need to move them to a new system, and without a doubt GBPVR is the most capable. I read around enough to learn how to setup one, and everything works fine... Until I setup the second one, and attempt a simultanious recording.

    For some reason as soon as the second tuner begins recording, regardless of which one was first, or what format they are recording in, the audio goes crackly and unlistenable.

    I can post a sample if it would help, but I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this. Problem is that nearly no one owns two of these things.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Sorry, you're in unsupported territory with that setup. The GO7007SB family of devices is no longer supported, and I havnt tested one of these devices with GB-PVR in well over year.

    If you're lucky it might work, but if not, then sorry...

    The reality was that these devices seemed to have too many problems, and there were very few owners of these devices, so it didnt justify the effort to continue this development.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sub View Post
    ... The GO7007SB family of devices ....

    The reality was that these devices seemed to have too many problems, ...
    I'd have to agree with sub, it "did" work at one stage, and KingArgyle IIRC still has his going on an older version of GBPVR, but it was easier to just stick a PVR-150 in. Search for GO7007SB and TVWalker or TV Walker or Lifeview on this forum, you'll see what I mean ...

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    If you've ever become frustrated because something in GBPVR or NPVR is not working, take a moment and consider this and this and this and this and this and this. Credit where credit's due; for one guy (with a wife and two kids), most problems are solved outrageously quickly. Patience.

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