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Thread: run .bat on recording??

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    run .bat on recording??

    is there a way to add a button in the program info screen to run a .bat file on it??
    currently I close GBPVR, go to the recordings folder, and drag it onto the .bat, but I am looking for something easier.
    I know I can modify post processing (I have already modified the hell out of it)
    this is just for the occasion of wanting to process a show I thought was a good episode, and is not one of the ones processed automatically.

    did I explain that right??
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    I think there is a Transcoding option in XRecord that would accomplish what you are wanting to do. It's all controlled by a .bat file. Not sure exactly how it's used as I haven't used it myself though.

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    video library

    yea, you can run a batch file from video library's transcode buttons..
    there are a few things to keep in mind tho:
    1. put bat files in gbpvr\third party\
    2. remember, those .bats will be run from gbpvr\ not from gbpvr\third party\ like: [current dir]c:\progr~~~devnz\gbpvr>_ "third party\doit.bat"
    to be in same dir as bat file, have first cmd= 'cd third party'

    one of my typical bat files in there:
    gbpvr\third party\relocate.bat
    profile=<Conversion name="Archive this file" exe="relocate.bat" cmd=" {SOURCE_FILE} \\home\g\mpg\ " targetExtension=".mov" />

    [My Super Simple Archiver] i should put it on the wiki
    moves files to another disk while retaining all info
    can be used in nightly processing or postprocessing..[like any transcode profile]
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