I have a problem with using gbpvr when I logon to my computer as a domain user named pvr_user (not local admin account). When I try to manually record a show that I am currently watching from the LiveTV screen, I get a can't playback file error. GBPVR will record the show but I can't view it while it is recording. However, if I login using the local admin account, I can record and watch the show from LiveTV without any problem.

I don't know if I am setting all the necessary permission for the pvr_user account to have complete access to use gbpvr. I tried the following steps:

1) Assign pvr_user full control (read, write, execute) over the denz folder.
2) Drop a shortcut of the gbpvr recording executable into the pvr_user Startup folder so it will startup when the user login.
3)Went to MS Services and assigned the GBPVR Service executable the pvr_user account to "Log On" as instead of using the local system account.

I did all of this and I am still having problems watching and recording a show at the same time. Have anybody tried this before or know a way I can fix the problem?

I use to manual record and watch the shows from LiveTV as a domain user when I had the old gbpvr 98 version on my machine with no problem.

Thank you for any help.