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Thread: Help with recording problem v1.0.16

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    Question (resolved) Bug with Zprocess2 and zero data recordings

    I have a WinTV-PVR-150
    26582 LF
    Conextant MPEG II A/V Encoder

    I had the timestamp error described in the Wiki, so I tried the beta drivers and the registry fix.

    Now, whenever I do a timed recording, the end file after recording always is 0 bytes.

    During recording, the filesize does grow steadily larger, so it is storing the video data. Then, when the recording is finished, somehow the filesize goes to 0. If I cancel a recording before its scheduled stop time, the video has the correct filesize and plays normally.

    I also notice a .srt file with a 0 bytes filesize during and after a recording. It has the same name as the .mpg file.

    I have tried removing and reinstalling the TV card drivers, and removing and installing GBPVR. These did not fix the issue.

    I will post log entries after some testing.
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    Ok, looks like it was my fault on this one.

    After trying many different things, I decided to put the logging to DEBUG and read the process of a short recording. No errors. But, after careful reading, I noticed that "postprocessing.bat" was being executed after the recording was done.


    I had modified this file as part of installing ZProcess2.

    Then I realized that I didn't have comskip or comclean installed.

    My recordings were being zeroed by some error of some kind.

    Putting back the REM I removed from that line fixed the problem.

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