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Thread: What are my options?

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    What are my options?

    After zap2it labs dies, what are the options for a replacement?

    I usually get 7 days ahead worth of data, but I'm reading the thread down below in general discussion. It doesn't seem promising, I'm hearing only 6 hours blocks which is worthless to me.

    What are we going to do?
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    In summary, it sounds like there will be a few options.

    There is a few of xmltv grabbers being developed. One gets three days listings, one can get a week or more of listings, and I'm not sure about the other one. I'm not aware of any that just get six hours of listings.

    There will also be a cheap paid option offered by a company very soon, which works much like the existing zap2it system. This will be easy to use for those that dont want to mess with xmltv grabbers.

    It's still early days though, more details will be available in the next week or two (...long before the zap2it service ends).

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