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Thread: How many WinTV PVR 500 cards in one computer

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    How many WinTV PVR 500 cards in one computer

    Hello together,
    how many WinTV PVR 500 cards can I used in one computer?
    Ok, actual mainboards limit the count to 3 due their number of normal PCI slots. Is there a limitation in the GBPVR software?

    Sören Hellwig

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    I don't believe there is...

    6 tuners at one? How much TV do you want to record?

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    There used to be a limit of 7 tuners, but I seem to recall sub upped that limit by request from someone.
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    I've got one tuner & can barely keep up with what I record.

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    I know tipstr has 4 tuner cards in his machine, but I forget if they are 150s or 500s
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    I had a 500 and three 150's in a system at one time and it worked fine.

    But you're right...that's a lot of potential TV.

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    As for the issue of "too much television", it's not as if the tuners are necessarily all being used all the time. But since the networks tend to schedule their strongest shows against the competitor's strongest shows, there are a couple of times each week when a person could need three or four simultaneous tuners. Especially now that some shows deliberately start/end a minute before/past the hour -- that screws up consecutive recording across networks.
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