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Thread: new capture dev, black screen, no sound

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    new capture dev, black screen, no sound

    Thought I should give my new nova-t-500 a go. Spent an hour on the roof trying to adjust the antenna with scanChannelsBDA. Don't get a really good result, and can't quite figure out why. I can almost get all the muxes right, but each of the muxes requires the antenna to be slightly adjusted this or that way

    Oh well, that's not why I post After setting up one of the devices from the nova-t-500, I get a black screen when trying to watch a channel, and if I try to record, not much happens. 0kb recordings for a long time, then they seem to go to 690KB... Can you spot anything in the logs? I tried to watch "Melita möter Christina Doctare" at 14:03, and tried to record it at 14:10. Ctrl-O gives good signal stats.
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