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Thread: scheduled recording do not stop

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    i've scheduled a season rec -> snap of access db from gbpvr

    oid programme_oid capture_source_oid status filename recording_type recording_group manual_start_time manual_end_time manual_channel_oid
    14 708 1 1 D:\TVRecording\Hörmal,werdahämmert_2004030 8_08100830.mpg 0 0 08.03.2004 08:10:00 08.03.2004 08:30:00 3

    the recording should start at 8:10 and should end at 8:30

    at 9:00 i stopped manually by myself because of the recording still runs at that time.

    Here's a snap of from the wintvcap.log

    4964 InitParams: Your lpCmdLine is "-c5 -board:1 -profile:HALFD1 -startr:\TVRecording\Hörmal,werdahämmert_20040308 _08100830.mpg"
    were are the start and end timers gone?
    I've using the latest gbvr and wintvcap versions......

    regards mamema

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    I'll take a look. It doesn't specify the stop time when it starts the recording. It later stops WinTVCap with the -stop(?) parameter when it passes the end date. Can you email me you gbpvrrecordingservice.exe.log file? It should show the stop occuring and the parameters passed to wintvcap.

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    didn't have this logfile . Don't know why.....
    But i have made another test......
    Still no logfile but the recording is started and stopped at the right time.
    I guess it's because of the letter "äöü" which are german and which occur in the gbvr.exe.log (the one log that i have)
    with: "hämmert". The word should be called "hämmert"

    The recording which went smoothly without problem didn't have these kind of letters.



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    The log file is getting created in the current directory, which is \windows\system32 for the recording service.

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