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Thread: Best location for recordings & live tv buffer

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    Best location for recordings & live tv buffer

    Looking for advice.

    I am dual booting XP & Vista on one drive where I also have a partition for data. GBPVR is on the XP partition (at least until there's a solid MVP dongle for Vista.) I also have a second drive with two partitions - one for system backups and one with 200G I thought would be a good place for the recordings & buffer.

    Before I proceed, do you think its better for the recordings & live tv folders to be on the same drive as GBPVR or a different drive?

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    I have recordings on a separate drive and have no problems.
    Advantages are that it makes it easier when you run out of space to update to a bigger drive and I suspect if you have multiple tuners and MVPs that R/W performance may well be better with data on its own drive.

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