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Thread: Only one tunre working on PVR 500

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    Only one tunre working on PVR 500

    I probably took a short cut that I shouldn't have. On installation, I only downloaded drivers. I did not go through the installation of the MCE software.
    I have two sources configured one as no. 1 and one as no2. I ran the EPG for both. When I try to play Live TV on both the PC and MPG at the same time, the one on MVP is dark. It appears to change channels on demand but no picture.

    Do I have to go through the installation of Hauppauge's MCE in order to get both working? Are there better driverws somewhere tht might resolve the problem?

    When I go to Add and Remove software, I can find four files that I think are associated with these tuners. To are MSXML 4.0 files with different numbers of bytes. One is a MSXNL 6.0 Parser and one is a nanoPEG.Editor 2.3

    Attached are the logs

    Late info
    After I posted this, I did the reverse of before. I started the video on MVP before starting GBPVR. Do it that way, I was able to get a different channel showing on the two. Previously I had GBPVR showing the video first and then started MVP. All I got was darknes on MVP. You figure! Any bets whether this portends a problem/conflict with recording?
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