Tried to watch a recorded show last night, and the first time I hit the skip ahead key, it jumped 18 minutes into the show, I then tried to skip back and the MVP went to "Contacting Server". *GBpvr did come back up but didn't respond to remote input. *I had to kill the service from the task manager on the computer. *The file I was trying to watch was large (3 hour baseball game - probably 9gb +) and was recorded with Sage TV through a hauppauge 250. *I could watch it fine using the standard Hauppauge service. *I am not sure exactly what my recording setting are, as far as variable or fixed bit rate, etc... *but I would be happy to provide them when I get home tonight. *This problem seems intermittent for people, so I am hoping we can find recording settings that will work consistently.

I am using the latest beta - ver .18d