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Thread: Cannot watch TV

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    Hardware: WinTV-PVR250. WinTV2000 works fine. Re-installed the latest MVP software.

    I can contact GB-PVR server and load application. GB-PVB' GUI does show on TV. I can also play vedio file, just can not watch TV program.

    I select TV-Guide>Choose a program>OK>Watch, I can see program name and "buffer %0 full" etc on TV screen, but no picture shows up, just some black and wihite noise.

    Also, there are other two problems:
    1) whenever I reboot the machine, I have to phsically stop Haupage's MediaMVP and start GB-PVB Media MVP server, other wise MVP always goes to Haupage's MediaMVP server.

    2) Somtime when I tried to turn off the MVP, it just re-contacts the server and can't go off.

    I know could be some config issue, just can't figure out.

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    Hey jdc,

    first off, with the latest version of GBPVR you do not need th hauppauge services. I recommend switching the two hauppauge services to manual so that they do not start. You can so this either by going to the services via the administration menu, go right click on My Computer, and choose the manage option.

    Secondly, in the GBPVR config app, set GBPVR to manage the number of MVP's you have (which is probably 1?).

    That should resolve the conflicts between GBPVr and Hauppauge.

    Ok, so try this now and see what happens, then we can look at the other problems once we get this far. BTW does everything work when watching on the PC?


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    Thanks Colin.
    I'll try this out.
    I can watch TV and record it without any problem using wintv2000 on PC. Just can't make it work using GB-PVR.
    FYI, in palyback config, I used to have problem w/ "VMR9", now I switched to "overlaymanager", since i can play video file through GB-PVR, I assume "overlaymanager" is fine for me. Will this affect TV watching?


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    thanks a lot, aegisx!
    Updating pvr250's driver did the trick.
    The problem was that some recently manufatured pvr250 tuner + its dirver or firmware in CD is not compatible with 3rd party TV software (Sega, Beyond TV, I experienced it w/ GB-PVR). My understanding is those tuner's hardware somehow is slightly different from the others.

    Solution: upgrade dirver to (9/8/2004) which is available at:

    I confirm that problem had nothing to do MVP, MVP just does it work perfectly.

    Also thanks to Colin pointing out how to disable original MVP's server. It did solve my other issues.

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