I do not understand where all the info for a show is stored and how the filename of the recording and the database play into it all. Maybe someone can help me understand. It may help if you know what it is I'd like to do...

First thing I'd like is a way to quickly change the filename of the file, manually (while sitting at the PC...no MVP requirement), to something more meaningful to me...but have it still work with GBPVR. My worry is if I change the filename it will be lost...the db will no longer know where it is or what its called...is this true or not?

Second...in case I need help with determining a new name for the file I'd like to "view show info" to remember a bit about the episode...then I can rename it.

I am fine with doing this all through windows explorer for now, but ultimately through GBPVR would be great...or through something like Slim's tray utility...that would be really sweet!!