Hi all,

I've just upgraded my GBPVR previously running on a SFF P3/1000 with 384MB of RAM and 40GB hd, to a towered Amd XP/2000+ with 1GB of RAM and 2x raid0-300GB array.

The gfx-card in the old SFF-box was a PCI Geforce4/MX 4000 with 64M I think.

For the new(ish) box I'm considering either a Geforce2 MX/400 with 32M of RAM or a Geforce4 Ti4200 with 64M, both of which are AGP-type. The GF2 is fanless, not sure of the GF4. Both have a S-Video outlet I can connect the TV too.

I see from benchmarks on eg THG that the GF4 is 2-4x faster in rendering stuff, but not sure if it makes any any difference when displaying on a TV at 800x600@32b.

What would your choice be?