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Thread: Using the Web interface for LOCAL playing

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    Question Using the Web interface for LOCAL playing

    Someone suggested I try the web server for LOCAL viewing but so far have found it to be inconvenient. This might be my fault, so I'd like to know what to expect of the interface. BTW the wiki does not cover this yet.

    I log into the web interface, PLAY recording, it spawns VLC and plays. How is that better than GBPVR in local mode? Does it need to spawn? Can it be viewed inside the browser(without spawn)? What works best?

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    yeah, what you're getting is correct - video will be launched in an external player (you can set it to use WMP as an alternative though). Not sure if you can get it to play in the browser as I'm not by my PC now. I think there's options to play or stream though - do they both do the same thing on your setup????
    If I remember rightly the idea behind sugesting the web interface was not that it is 'better' than gbpvr, but that it might be more familiar to you if you wanted to use a PC type interface.
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    I'd only think you'd bother using the web interface for playback if you wanted to play your files from some remote site.

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    Yeah, what sub said. Why wouldn't you just use a server/client setup?

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    Thanks for the responses.

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