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Thread: Recording quality and effect on playback

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    Recording quality and effect on playback

    Does recording at medium or high have a direct impact on how smooth video plays back on a PC?? How about for playback on a client PC?????

    I would assume that if I were to burn a "High" recording to DVD for playback on a DVD player and TV I would be better off than with Medium?

    Thanks Bossman9

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    If you have a slower spec machine you find that a lower resolution & bit-rate will play smoother, especially on live TV.

    quality is in the eye of the beholder.
    Recording at the highest quality will just get you a DVD that holds maybe an hrs worth of video.

    I burn about 5 episodes of home improvement shows at 352x480 half DVD at I think 4,000 bps variable to DVD-RW's so I can watch & re-use the DVD.
    The quality is just fine for me.

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