I've just upload the v0.0.6 BETA release. As with previous releases, you should uninstall the previous release before installing this one.

2003-12-26 v0.0.6
- Now able to resize the PVR350 OSD size and video overscan using settings in the config.xml
- Initial support for myhtpc .my files. Looks for metadata.my files in each directory, and uses this in preference to any files found. Still only supports standard media types though - no vob/ifo playback.
- Support for playback of multi part movies. Video 'chain's from metadata.my are now played to consecutively.
- Improved support for MediaMVP.
- Now allow you to use the 'Watch' button from the TV Guide for shows currently playing
- Fixed program name for 'Open With' context menu
- Slightly improved fast forward for both software playback and PVR350. Attempts to do 2x and 8x, but this functionality is very dependant on third party drivers and directshow filters, so there is only so much I can do. My current PVR350 drivers seem to pop and fart when fast forwarding...
- Resolved some of the LiveTV issues with PVR350. Makes it 'sort of' usable, but channel changing is very slow!