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Thread: MP3 won't play with GBPVR

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    MP3 won't play with GBPVR

    I listen to This Week in Tech, and I cannot get their mp3 to play back with GBPVR. Here is a link to the podcast:

    When I play it in GBPVR, it is just silence. I can play it in Windows Media Player. When I switch the UseWMPforAudio to false in config.xml, I can here audio but when I try to skip to the next song I get an Object Not Referenced error.

    Has anyone had similar issues that can give me a clue? I'd like to leave the WMP option to true in the xml as it seems to work better.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    I'm not really sure what to suggest, but I did download the file and try it here with UseWMPforAudio set to true and it seemed to play fine.

    I do remember some user in the past having changed their default system MP3 codec, which cause them some problems playing lowbitrate MP3 (like this one). They ended downloading and installing some other alternative MP3 codec to fix the problem.

    I'm surprised it would work stand alone in WMP, but not in GB-PVR with WMP for playback enabled, since they are both just WMP.

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    The only thing I could think that would be odd is that I am outputing my audio out the SPDIF port on my sound card. I also found it weird that I could play it in WMP stand alone but not within GBPVR. Thanks for the suggestion, I'll see if I can find a new codec.


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