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Thread: best video card - $100

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    best video card - $100

    I have a pvr 150mce and im looking for a new video card. i need dvi-d and vga. AGP8x. using on a p4 3.2ghz. i am looking to spend no more than $100.

    GB-PVR is on infocus projecto via the DVI, VGA is lcd monitor for pc use.


    P4 3.2Ghz HT, 1GB RAM, 200Gb HD
    Radeon 9200se VGA & DVI
    PVR150 & Dvico FusionHDTV5Lite
    Infocus 4805 Projecter connected via DVI
    Onkyo Reciever Connected via Optical TOSLINK

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    Graphic cards seem pretty cheap. I like ATI, check my signature, bought that for 18 brand new. No fan on card either, so no extra sound. I only use for gbpvr, so no need for a high end card.
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