Hi sub and all other deverlopers,

it's me again.

Since I upgraded to 0.97.13 I've seen the following problem for at least two times:
  • I do the programming of a show via the tv guide
  • the machine goes down to hibernate
  • the machine does not wake up to wake the programmed show
  • if I wake up the machine manually, the gbpvr frontend says that the show will be "soon recording", even when the begin time has already passed
  • if I try to cancel the programmed (but not recording) show via the tv guide (in order to do the programming once again), an error message occurs "cannot communicate with recording service"
  • if I look in the system tray, gbpvr's recording service says, all tuners are "sleeping"
  • if I say "restart recording service" via the system tray icon's menu, the missed recording starts normally (if the show is still on air)

This phenomenon never ever happened with the older version 0.93.10; this version never ever failed doing the recording (without any exception).

Will this problem be gone, when I have updated to the recent version?

Will it help to restart the recording service every time the machine comes from hibernate (at the moment, I only start the frontend in order to make my XCard work)?

Isn't it very strange that the wake-up from hibernate didn't work?

Greetings, Alex