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Thread: Geforce FX5200 Graphics Card

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    Geforce FX5200 Graphics Card

    Hi all

    just stumbled across this site while looking for PVR software

    My question is i have a MSI Geforce FX5200 which has an analogue tuner on it will this work with GB-PVR ? as i cant see it in the list of suitable hardware but he card isnt that old and i thought it might work

    any ideas


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    You have a lot of reading to do.

    Start first by understanding what a video card does and does not do.

    A 5200 series card does not have a tuner does have a video out, there is a big difference.

    Good luck...its a fun hobby if you have the time.
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    my card has ariel input on the back for a regular tv aerial connection which i have had connected and recorded tv programs before using windvr

    i just fancied the full media centre type setup

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    Well, there is one FX5200 that has a tuner on it, but i don't beleive it supports MPEG-2 hardware encoding so I don't think it will be supported. But maybe others have gotten it to work using software encoding plugins
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    this is the exact model MSI-8918 Personal Cinema FX5200

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    search for WDM Recorder

    search the forums for the WDM Software Recorder plugin..
    [also in wiki]
    it uses software encoders and 'may' work with your card..not sure..
    only one way to know for sure...try it out..
    there's lots of help in the support thread for that plugin..
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