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Thread: Video organization, plugin choice help

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    Video organization, plugin choice help

    I'm using v97.13 and use xrecord to manage my recordings. However, I'm accumulating a good number of videos and need help organizing them. I'm looking for a tool or set of tools to help. Here is what I'm thinking as far as organization...

    I have one drive dedicated to "current recordings"...this is where TV shows get recorded and watched from. I keep this pretty lean...either deleting files after I've watched them or archiving them. As mentioned earlier xrecord fills the bill here.

    I have other drives throughout my network and/or attached via USB where "other recordings" live. Some of these come from xrecord archives, some come from other sources (ripped DVDs, home movies, digitized VHS tapes, etc). Its these "other recordings" that need organizational help. I would like to be able to easily add, rename and group (kids shows, movies, home movies, home improvement, reality, etc). Then also be able to easily get to and navigate through these in GBPVR (maybe via xrecord).

    Can you folks lend me a hand in finding the right tools or changing my strategy? I've been looking into tools like mpegimport, addepisode, video archive, etc...the choices are making my head spin!!!

    Thanks a lot

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    I am using the My Videos plugin to organize my videos and it does a good job. The plugin uses a method that lets you group multiple directorys across different drives into a single category. I currently have folders for TV series, Movies, Kid movies which is the way they show up in the menu but are spanned accross different drives. The version on the wiki doesn't work with the newest GBPVR but you can get a version that does from revens site

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    Anyone know of a plug-in that will allow a person to make a wish list of movies (until the movie actually gets recorded, no matter how far in the future)?

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    Ok...maybe I'll give My Videos ( that the one that will work with GBPVR 97.13????) a whirl!!

    This might be a dumb question, but can I use both it AND xrecord? Do both of these interact with .mdb file? I know nothing about how GBPVR and plugins use the database (which is somehow related to the mdb file??) but its seems like its critical for any changes (renaming, adding, deleteing) of files be updated in this database.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kaffeen View Post
    Anyone know of a plug-in that will allow a person to make a wish list of movies (until the movie actually gets recorded, no matter how far in the future)?
    Have a look at EWA's AutoRecord feature You can set it up to search your EPG for whatever show(s) you want and schedule a recording for anything it finds. If you install the command line utility and create a scheduled task in windows, it will run automatically.

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