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Thread: Change channel on OSD but not on STB?

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    Is there a way to browse channels on the OSD in Live TV but without changing the channel itself? The reason I ask is that I have an intolerable 7-8 second delay from STB to my computer, which makes channel hopping very much impossible... if I could somehow browse using the OSD but without actually changing the channel, this would solve most problems. Then I suppose you would click 'OK' and it would jump to the current channel on the OSD.

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    Hi Joshley,

    Yes, you can do this by using the green button on the hauppage remote or press Ctrl-G. You then get a mini-guide that allows you to browse your channels showing the name of the current program on that channel. The OK button is then used to switch to the channel on the OSD. You can also enter the channel number directly, but then you won't see the program name. lists the remote and keyboard shortcuts. I don't know how this works with the mouse if that is what you are after (you used the term 'click', so I'm not sure )
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    Cheers for that, hansi!
    Works a treat!

    p.s. By click I meant remote, should really have said 'select' or something...

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