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Thread: Problems with task images

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    Problems with task images

    Hi Sub -

    In my skin I use the task image in the sleected button icon, that is

    <DrawImage filename="@taskImage"....

    I also have the special elements show task image set to true and I am displaying the task image on a seperate part of the screen, that is

    <SpecialElement name="TaskImage" visible="true" ...

    What I notice is that the two task images displayed are not the same for cases where the plug-in returns different task images at different times. For example, the weather plug-in can be configured to show the current forecast in the task image. The SpecialElement task image displays the task image currently being returned by the weather plug-in. The @taskImage one always displays the very first task image that was returned, which I assume has been cached by gbpvr.


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    Yeah, unfortunately this wouldnt be easy to change. I create and cache the button the first time they're needed. It'd require a bit of work to change my framework for dynamically drawing each time. Sorry.

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