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Thread: Error: Could not create file map object

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    Error: Could not create file map object

    I have suddenly started getting an MS error message box when gbpvr starts. it is headed
    "Could not create file map object"
    and in the box it reads
    "hook dll"
    Don't think it is a gbpvr issue. Think it may be something to do with HIP which I am using for the Remote control. Anyway the remote doesn't work any more
    I was fiddling around trying to make gb-pvr operate as the skin instead of explorer when this happened
    Could someone confirm this - and tell me what the message might mean? It seems to stop the machine shutting down properly

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    This isnt a GB-PVR message, so you may be correct its a HIP issue, or some other app you have installed.

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    Thanks. It was some microsoft glitch it turns out. Got rid of it by using system restore

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    I have been kicking the idea around of trying to make GB-PVR the shell, let me know if you get working and what you think of it.

    I have perused the documentation on the wiki, but I know I need to read it more in depth. Currently, I just "auto hide" the task bar, turn off all the desktop icons and use a GB-PVR wallpaper: GB-PVR Wallpaper
    It boots up to this screen, one push of a button on the remote and I am sitting at the root screen of GB-PVR.

    Here is the wallpaper I am currently using.

    My GB-PVR Rig: GIGABYTE GA-MA78GM-US2H , AMD Athlon 64 X2 4400, 2 x 2gb PC6400 DDR2
    1 x HVR2250, HD Homerun PRIME, 1tb Western Digital, 750gb Western Digital, Antec NSK2400 Case, Logitech Harmony

    Connected to: Full 1080 37" Vizio LCD
    Current Projects: Moving my config over to a new i3 based rig and a Radeon 6670.
    To Purchase: More drive space!!!

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