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Thread: Coolsat question?

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    Coolsat question?

    I have a coolsat 5000 and am looking for something to record the odd movie and some of my TV shows and I was wondering if this will controll my coolsat? if I set up a scheduled recording will it change my reciver to that channel for me? what if it is on another provider which is connected to the coolsat via a diseq switch?? I take it I would also need a high speed internet connection? Is there another more basic way to set up a simple vcr type setup as I can set the timer on the coolsat aswell if needed??


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    You will need a channel changer (ir type). usb-uirt is one reliable. The pvr-150 comes with one (not the mce version), but that one only supports boxes that hauppauge has support for. You will have to check with them if they support coolsat.

    On the other hand, you can use gbpvr as a vcr, and just schedule the times as on a normal vcr. It just defeats the purpose a bit
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