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Thread: GB-PVR Picture gets stuck on

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    GB-PVR Picture gets stuck on

    Here is my scenario. I have just gotten both tunner to record two different show at the sametime.

    I have two PVR-150 installed on my Athlon64 with 1 Gig of RAM, and firewire external drive of 200 Gig, and SATA150 internal drive which is system drive.

    I have set GBPVR to use my firewire drive for everything including live TV and recording. I am not much into timeshifting, so I have turned off that feature.

    I am running the latest version of GBPVR.

    What is happening that while one of the tuner is recording the program, I am trying to watch other program through 2nd tuner using GBPVR, and it seems that picture is stuck on one channel (For Example Cable 63)with or without audio at times. YOu can change the change, but it displays other channel listing on the bottom, but picture remains the same of cable 63.

    I tried to change the channle using TVGuide, and result is the same. It brings the original channel 63 back on live TV.

    Channel 63 is just an example. It can be anything.

    Any ideas? Rob

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    Any ideas?
    Not really.

    Have you correctly set one to device #1, the other to device #2?

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    I switched the live TV Buffer from my external firewire drive to my installed internal drive, and this problem disappear.

    I am not sure why firewire can't keep up with two activity like recording program using one tuner, and watching program using 2nd tuner.

    It does fine while recording using both tuner. I am not sure why watching live TV without time shift may be harder on Firewire?


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