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Thread: Recieve Permanent "Starting Timeshift Mode, Please Wait" when starting Live TV

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    Recieve Permanent "Starting Timeshift Mode, Please Wait" when starting Live TV

    First off, let me say how nice this program really is. I'm seriously thinking about dumping my current Tivo solution to go with this program.

    There's just one problem that I can see. I try to watch Live TV, but when I pause it, it gives me the message that it's starting timeshift mode, and to wait. Then it dumps me out to the menu. I found that I had live preview enabled, so I unchecked it and tried again. Now when I select Live TV, all I get is the Timeshift mode screen. I can return to Live Preview, and it works, but I would like the ability to timeshift Live TV if possible. I had ffdshow installed, and read about the possibility that I needed a muxer, so I downloaded CyberDVD and changed all the video settings to use that while uninstalling ffdshow, and it didn't work. I've attached my log files.

    BTW, recordings work with no problem, and I can even start a recording a join it fine. It's just the LiveTV button that gives me a problem.

    Thanks for any help!

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    Just a guess: try setting interlacing to 'encoding pass through' under the misc tab
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    Does the "C:\Recorded TV\LIVE TV" directory exist on your machine?

    If you delete the contents of this directory, then try to start timeshift mode, does a new file get created? Does it grow?

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    It was set to that previously, but I had unchecked both options, preferring to stay in timeshift mode whenever possible. I rechecked preview, made sure it was set, and it didn't work.

    Thanks for the suggestion!

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    Wow, that was a boneheaded blunder. I had previously recorded a few shows as tests, and I just erased them while I tried to figure out if there was an automatic delete (much as Tivo expires certain programs after awhile). In doing so, I erased the Live TV folder that I created, and that caused the problem. Thanks for the quick answer, Sub!

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