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Thread: Multi-room, Multi-Zone Support

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    Ok, here's the UBER wish:

    Multiple rooms get their own indepentant GBPVR 'session' with full functions from a single GBPVR server.


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    You can do this today with GB-PVR and multiple MediaMVP media players. For now, it is standard definition and stereo sound.

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    Ok, how about this:

    MediaMVP for upstairs TV video only and wire spdif from soundcard to upstairs audio system.

    Then use the computer screen downstairs for hi-res video and a separate soundcard spdif output for the surround sound down there?

    Is that doable?

    Please say yes!!!

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    I'm pretty sure the answer is no for several reasons, one of which is that there's no way to synchronise the sound played from the GBPVR server with the video displayed by the MVP.

    What you might consider is running several GBPVR machines, sharing a central shared file resource for recordings and videos. Each GBPVR machine presumably can play the spdif or whatever sound it has.

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    krypton_john is right, you wouldn't be able to sync them. I actually can only tell where about the MVP is up to in a video stream give or take about 10 seconds. There is a lot of buffering that goes on in the MVP.

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    Aughh... I wish the MVP had spdif...

    I guess if I take the surround sound system/speakers from the living room and use them downstairs, I could put up with a 2 channel living room...

    Can I use the MVP for the living room, and the computer monitor/spdif for the downstairs room at the same time from 1 GBPVR?


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    If you're handy with a soldering iron (and like the idea of voiding your MVP's warranty ) you might want to check out this thread:

    SHSPVR - MVP Forums - Looking to get to the PVR's TOSLINK (a.k.a. SPDIF)...

    I have not tried the mod myself, but it looks like they got it working...


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    Will check it out, thanks!

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