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Thread: Manually updating XML file vs EPG Update

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    Question Manually updating XML file vs EPG Update

    I have been manually updating the XML file in order to get more TV listings...isn't this what EPG Update is supposed to be doing? By updating the XML file I mean going into a command window and executing the XMLTV.EXE TV_GRAB_NA_DD --OUTPUT tvguide.xml line. I thought that the EPG update is supposed to be updating the channel listings as well. For instance, if I'm getting listings for 4 days and the 4th day is here, I expect EPG update to get the next 4 days. It doesn't do that. Instead I have to manually run XMLTV again to do that. Am I misunderstanding what EPG Update is supposed to be doing? -sorry I'm new to all this. I'm a recent transfer from the Tivo/ReplayTV subscription service where it automatically updates the guide.

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    If understand you correctly, the answer is no. EPG Update only reads any existing xmltv file and updates GBPVR's EPG. It does not update the xmltv file itself. Since there are so many different ways of getting the xmltv file, gbpvr does not know which way you use, so you will have to do that some (any) other way.

    One way that works really well is to use the updateEPG.bat (create it if it doesn't exist), which will run every time before the EPG is updated. In there you can put
    XMLTV.EXE TV_GRAB_NA_DD --OUTPUT tvguide.xml
    if that is what works for you.
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    Thanks Stefan - I appreciate your reply. I'll keep using the manual update batch file that I created and just schedule it with Windows to do a regular update.

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