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Thread: MSI Mega SKy 580 USB2 DVB-T TvTuner PVR

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    MSI Mega SKy 580 USB2 DVB-T TvTuner PVR

    I have a "MSI Mega SKy 580 USB2 DVB-T TvTuner PVR".

    as the name suggests its a usb based tvtuner with DVB-T. I was trying to get it to work with GB-PVR without much success.

    can anyone give me any information on how to set it up ? and if this card is supported ? or there are plans tosupport it ?

    thanx in advance

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    If it's got working BDA drivers then it should work. You'll need to add a new section in bda.ini for it.

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    dont mean to sound liek a newbie but what are bda drivers? and how would i go about checking i have them ?

    also, how would i add a new section to bda.ini, whats the format etc ?


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    You'd basically need to start by copying one of the other card sections, renaming it, then making sure the names are correct using GraphEdit:

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    thanx for the help, im clear now on what i need to do (reading that other post you linked)

    just have to wait til i get home and hope that my device has a BDA driver. Its a fairly new product, i know it does MPEG2 Video and is HDTV ready.

    Thanx for the help, and being so cool

    nathan williams

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    I also have a MSI Mega Sky USB receiver.
    After a bit of research on this forum I appended this to my BDA.ini file

    [MSI Mega Sky Digital TV USB Mini Receiver]
    FILTER_TUNER=Digital TV USB Mini Receiver
    FILTER_CAPTURE=ULi M9207 Digital Capture
    PIN_TUNER_OUT=MPEG2 Transport
    PIN_CAPTURE_IN=MPEG2 Transport

    Although I live in a region with a very weak signal, I was able to get the config utility to talk to the USB receiver and pick up some unknown channels. However the signal is to weak to get any picture and sound. I'll muck around with my aerial and signal booster

    Can anyone else confirm this BDA setting will work?

    Kind regards

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    I have the same device and appended the settings above to the ini file.

    Unfortunately the scan didnt pick anything up at all! Now this could be down to anything as this is all new for me.

    The tuner does seem to pick up most channels when it scans using its own application.

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    im going to give the settings a try tonight, i tried it at work, but where i work is bad signal area. gonna try it at home with an external arial.

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    It seems that my digital reception strength varies from day to day with the majority of days being so weak that I can't get anything, even with the bundled Presto PVR software.

    However, this morning I fired up GB-PVR, managed to get a better signal and was able to access the majority of channels and EPGs. I can now confirm that Live TV video and audio worked well with these settings. Therefore it would appear that the drivers supplied are BDA compatible. I haven't tried recording anything yet though.

    My next step is to see if I can improve on the signal strength I get. Are there any recommendations for aerials and boosters?


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    It's not the digital recieption, it's the card itself the sensitivity of the tuner is poor. My brother purchased one of these cards and he had issues picking up channels, so I tested it and I had trouble picking anything up even though my nova-t's and nebula have no issue on the same feed. My advice is to stay away from the product, of course he might just a have faulty one but i doubt it.
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