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Thread: Using Laptop IR port with a Remote?

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    Using Laptop IR port with a Remote?

    Is it possible to use my laptop IR port, with my hauppauge remote - or do they use an entirely different 'type' of IR?

    If so, are their any known remote that use 'laptop IR'?

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    Laptop ir ports are (usually) of IRDA type, which is not compatible with the Hauppauge remote. You might be able to get it to work with a Palm or the likes.
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    I seem to remember something about IRDA headers while doing some remote control research. I might have found it when I was trying out winlrc. It was info about adapting the IRDA header in a desktop PC so it can receive IR commands from a regular remote. But, I dont think it applies to a Laptop. The IR Port is usually hardwired to the mobo on a laptop.

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