Hi, I'd like to shrink the size of some of my stored DVD's and while i've done this with tools like dvd shrink, I would like to use as few steps as possible.

The tools that demux and remux the VOB's tend to end up with MPEG output files of the same size as the VOB's (less the intro's and menu's etc).

I have managed to reduce the size of one MPEG from 2.7GB to 0.9GB and the quality is still excellent, using ashampoo, to create a VOB (only option I could find) and then VideoReDo to convert the VOB back to MPEG. The only problem I now have is that the resultant video is 16:9 but displaying at the top half of the screen on a TV connected to an MVP. Even if I resize to 4:3, same happens.

I'd welcome other ways of simply re-quantizing to reduce the MPEG size.