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Thread: Xcard, divx problem

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    I just bought an xcard, and it works pretty smoothly (i was surprised that so many things worked with the first attempt).

    The only thing that does not work, is playing divx. On my tv i just get a black screen then, and gbpvr stops responding... there is a 1/2 second that i see the logo of windows media player on my screen though, so it is loading something.

    And if i try to play the divx locally on my pc, it works just fine. With mediaplayer 9 that is.


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    The xcard does not support the output of any type of video file apart from Mpeg 1 and 2. What you are trying to do is not currently possible.

    The future implementation of realtime transcoding of Divx/Xvid/etc to Mpeg2 would fix this issue (much in the way the Hauppauge MVP software does transcoding). However this requires a grunty PC to be able to handle the transcoding processor overhead.

    The possibility of doing this in GBPVR has been discussed elsewhere and is up to Sub if he wishes to look at this functionality at some point. (I hope he does so I can see AVI's etc on my MVP)

    My Setup:
    Windows Server 2003 SP1 on AMD XP2200+, 1 Gig DDR Ram, 1 x 200 Gig and 1 x 160 Gig Seagate Harddrives, Hauppauge PVR500MCE
    2 x Hauppauge MVP's (Bedroom and Lounge)

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    bigted is wrong. The XCard does indeed support playback of divx, but I'm not sure why you're having a problem.

    If you go into the SigmaDesign's FilterManager, are all the options set to "enable"?

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    Woohoo, everything works now. The drivers that i got on my cd from xcard are outdated, i just got the new drivers from their website, and now all works just fine.

    It's just weird that they deliver 2 year old drivers on a product that i bought a week ago.

    Thanks for your help .

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