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Thread: nvidia gfroce 3 cutting the taskbar on tv?

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    nvidia gfroce 3 cutting the taskbar on tv?

    Hi all

    i use my htpc with the tv out option with my Nvidia gforce 3 card (i know its old ). the thing is that with a computer monitor its all ok. when i take my htpc and connect it to a tv i get the taskbar 80% cut and cant see most of it. i tried playing around with the nvidia options but with no luck at all...i cant seem to find anyway to fix this anoyying thing..can anyone help?

    thx in advance


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    Try to see if you can find an "overscan" setting for your video card.
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    I have set-up an old 750mhz PC that won't boot with anything faster than agp 2 cards. I had a g-force 2 mx-400 with TV out & even with the latest driver's it lacked the fine tuning controls for TV out that are available on the FX-gforce cards using the same driver's.

    On a side note, the Evil Kyro 64mb card I put in has surprisingly decent TV out & now I can upgrade my decription of menu speed to slow.

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