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Thread: WinTV-PVR 350 PVR250_22_22292 drivers

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    So I'm am running that version. The problem that I'm having is that when a show is ending, and the other is about to start while watching LiveTV, GB seems to lockup. I can resolve it by changing the channel, and/or by going to the menu and clicking LiveTV.

    I'm currently trying it with a recording to see what happens, but it doesn't seem to lockup while watching a show, at least not as of yet.

    Sub has made one #### of a piece of software! Many props to that man, and anyone else involved in the development of GB!

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    aaahhhh... that's different from what I was getting. The problem I had required restarting the services to Unlock the system. (which sucked if you where recording something at the time)

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