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Thread: WinTV-PVR 350 PVR250_22_22292 drivers

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    For anyone struggling with their Hauppauge WinTV-PVR 350 locking up in software and/or hardware output mode, you should try the new drivers. *I'm running an Asus P4C800 with an Intel 875P chipset & Pentium 4 2.4Ghz with Hyperthreading on Windows XP Home. *Previously I could sometimes get the hardware output to work in WinTV2000 here and there, but was far from stable. *Even the software output locked up occassionally, requiring a "soft reload". *Many recordings either from GV-PVR or the WinTV Scheduler would end up being small empty files. *The GB-PVR OSD would immediately cause the card to lockup in hardware output mode and was unusuable to me.

    I tried everything to get it working, including setting cpu affinity, disabling hyperthreading, and every other tip & trick I could find with no avail. *I was living with the software mode, which pretty much sucks once you've seen hardware mode, and I noticed this last weekend that new drivers, version PVR250_22_22292 were available on Hauppauge's site. *I followed their prior driver removal instructions and installed the new ones and applications and it now works perfectly. *I've been running on the new drivers for four days now with absolutely no lockups whatsoever. *Even the GB-PVR OSD works now in hardware output mode. *No more of the occasional stuttering after pausing or fast forwarding recorded video.

    I hope others are having the success that I now am, I was starting to debate Ebaying the 350 in favor of another card since the software output was not what I was looking for.

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    there is actually a 22301 version of the inf files on shspvr's ftp site

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    Strange that shspvr's site has a newer inf that happauge's site does, but anyway...

    Hopefully these problems are now fixed once and for all, there have been people posting in the past about solutions they used to solve this problem and needless to say, they didn't work (at least not for me, anyway) so thanks for the heads up, maybe this should be a sticky for awhile or something, albeit not specifically GBPVR related, I'm sure there are lots of frustrated 350 owners out there (myself being one of them)

    I installed the new inf from shs and the new driver from hauppauge, lets see what happens for the next few days or so, hopefully they finally got it right!

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    I was able to install the new (22292) drivers for my PVR 350, but I can't get my remote to work anymore. *I tried installing the new IR program/drivers from Hauppauge's website (ir32_245_22267.exe), but it still didn't work. *I tried installing the older software (ir32_235_2105.exe), and that didn't work either. *I can start GB-PVR.exe, and the main menu comes up, but when I try to move around in the menu using the remote, nothing happens. *I can navigate the menu using the keyboard, though. *IR.exe is running in the system tray. *Here's the steps I took:

    1) Ran HWclear
    2) rebooted
    3) installed new drivers
    4) ran pvr250_22_22292.exe, wintv2k_46_22278.exe, sched109_22092.exe, hcwsmd04_21154.exe, and ir32_235_2105.exe.
    5) rebooted
    6) started GB-PVR, and couldn't navigate the menus.

    I also tried the Beta Lite CD Release (22292) download from and followed the instructions on their website, but still had the same problem.

    If I return to a previous restore point with the old drivers in Windows XP Home, the remote works. *Weird. *Any suggestions?

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    Reinstalling the Hauppauge software overwrites the GB-PVR settings in irremote.ini. You can add the following back into the file, and restart ir.exe:



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    You RULE Sub! That did the trick. I can't believe how fast you respond to posts. Thank you so much for your help.

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    Black screen/lockup problem still not solved, I just tried to play something I recorded and it just played black screen. Closing GB-PVR and restarting it fixed it, as usual. So much for getting my hopes up, Hauppauge sucks!!

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    Huw, thanks for the new file info on shspvr. If everything keeps working, I'm not touching the thing for fear of screwing it up. So far so good, I was really getting irritated about paying for hardware output with the 350 and it not working. Sorry to hear it's not working for everyone. They should give better instructions on their site on how to fully remove and re-install the drivers and applications. After running the hwclear program, it "should" remove all references and files relating to it IMO. But after the recommended reboot, Windows automatically knew what it was and installed drivers that it had stored away somewhere. I had to goto the device manager and update manually, and then run the Hauppague driver update and continue.

    I also had the problem with the IR not working, the apps also needed to be re-installed. I didn't realize that lines needed to be added to the .ini file as sub posts. I just installed the IR program, and then shut it off and it worked, but I do have direct IR control enabled in GB-PVR.

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    My 22292 drivers still freeze sometimes. *It seems to be only when I just start to play a recording. *Usually I can reset it and try again by restarting GB-PVR, but tonight that is not working. *I am just getting the rainbow on the screen. *I have gone into the Windows task manager, and ended GBPVR.exe, but it keeps popping up in the "processes" list on its own.

    Unfortunately I can't restart my computer right now because I am taping a movie until 11:00. *Is there anyway to reset the decoder without restarting the computer and cancelling the recording?

    I'm going to try the 22301 drivers tomorrow and see if they are any better.

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    You can restart the recording service and then re-start GBPVR< but then whatever you're in the middle of recording will get canned too.

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