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Thread: Crash in live TV Mode after a few seconds

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    Hi There..

    The problem I encounter is that after starting gbpvr, the output on my pvr 350 is ok, but when I enter Live TV Mode, change the channel 2 or 3 times, the program doesnt respond anymore.
    Windows also hangs and I can only reset the machine.

    I Installed gbpvr and the card on 2 different machines, and I get the same effect on both.

    I use gbpvr 0.13 with PVR350 under WinXP SP1 (german) with .NET installed. PVR Drivers are 1.80.

    In the support forum I read about someone who had a similar problem, but who got an error message then.

    Thanks in advance


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    Unfortunately I'm not sure what is causing the problem. I'm currently adding more logging to the PVR350 code that should help me track down the problem in the next release.

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