View Full Version : LiveTV stopped when recording started

2004-03-05, 12:13 AM

Interesting thing happened.

I was watching LiveTV on a MVP. There was a recording scheduled to start at 7:00PM. (I have two tuners configured in GBPVR, both have the same EPG.) LiveTV just stopped by it's self. I looked at the time and it was 7:00PM. I had started watching the channel from the TV guide. So when it stopped it went back to the "Exit,Record,Rec Season, Watch" menu. I tried to move up to the "Exit" button, but as soon as I pressed the up button on the remote, it went back to the Main Menu. I then checked the recordings menu and the 7:00 PM recording was recording.

Two things were odd. First, with two tuners it seems like it could have started the 7:00 PM recording without stopping the LiveTV. Second, when I pressed up instead of moving up in the menu , it went back to the main menu.